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WeRoad: A Journey of Ambition, Connection, and Success

WeRoad, an ambitious idea born out of a passion for travel and human connection, embarked on its journey into the realm of possibilities in 2017. Founded by Erika De Santi, Paolo De Nadai, and Fabio Bin with the aim of creating authentic and meaningful travel experiences, WeRoad swiftly rose to prominence, becoming a benchmark in the industry.

The Vision of WeRoad: What set WeRoad apart from the beginning was its vision to break traditional travel barriers, placing human experience and sharing at its core. By offering trips in small groups, WeRoad created an environment where travelers could immerse themselves in local culture, share authentic experiences, and build lasting connections.

The Expansive Journey: WeRoad rapidly gained popularity, attracting a passionate community of travelers eager to explore the world uniquely. With destinations off the beaten path and an approach that celebrates diversity, WeRoad captured the hearts of those seeking unconventional and authentic travel.

The Business Model: WeRoad's business model rests on three pillars:

  1. Tour Operating: WeRoad differs from other market players by creating the entire travel package, from hotels to dinners, instead of reselling services from third parties.

  2. Digital Platforms: Through direct resale to the end consumer via digital platforms, WeRoad bypasses intermediaries, tailoring packages to their target demographic of 25-45-year-olds.

  3. Community Engagement: The community acts as a touchpoint, involving both WeRoaders through travel and media content and travel buddies, acting as brand ambassadors who enhance brand equity by experiencing and promoting WeRoad's offerings.

The Success of Funding Round: Recently, WeRoad achieved an extraordinary milestone by completing a record-setting Series B investment round, raising €18 million. Led by the H14 family office, private investors, including the Grassi family (E80 Group) and the Rovati family (Rottapharm), alongside previous supporters, contributed to the success. The total funds raised now stand at €36 million, signaling strong investor confidence in WeRoad's innovative business model. The investment will be used to further expand travel offerings, enhance the technological platform, and strengthen global presence.

The Bright Future of WeRoad: WeRoad's success is not just a financial growth story but also a testament to the growing desire for authentic travel experiences. With a continuously expanding community and a clear vision for the future, WeRoad is poised to further transform the way people experience travel.

In conclusion, WeRoad's success is a narrative of audacity, innovation, and human connection. Looking ahead, the future appears even brighter for this company that continues to inspire and transform the way we perceive the world.

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