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Key Announcements from SAP Sapphire Orlando 2024

Key Announcements from SAP Sapphire Orlando 2024

The SAP Sapphire 2024 event in Orlando was a hotspot for major announcements that promise to revolutionize enterprise operations.

SAP Sapphire 2024
SAP Sapphire 2024

Here’s a comprehensive look at the key highlights and partnerships unveiled during the event:

1. Green Ledger Initiative

SAP introduced the innovative Green Ledger, a new extension to their ERP system aimed at providing companies with a transparent and reliable accounting system for emissions. This initiative integrates with the SAP Sustainability Footprint Management and the SAP Sustainability Data Exchange applications, allowing enterprises to manage their carbon footprint as meticulously as their financial data​ (SAP News Center)​​ (SAP News Center)​.

2. Innovations in Business Technology Platform

SAP announced several enhancements to its Business Technology Platform (BTP):

  • SAP Signavio offers quicker process insights.

  • SAP Integration Suite now supports holistic process integration across SAP and non-SAP systems.

  • SAP Build introduces new event integration capabilities, empowering users to automate business processes more effectively​ (SAP News Center)​.

3. AI and Automation Advancements

Significant advancements in AI and automation were highlighted, including:

  • SAP Business AI solutions that streamline end-to-end business processes.

  • SAP AppGyver, a no-code/low-code development environment now integrated with SAP Service Cloud, enhancing SAP’s free tier model for BTP​ (SAP News Center)​.

4. Customer Experience and Collaboration

SAP launched the SAP Business Network for Industry, aimed at enhancing supply chain resilience by leveraging SAP’s B2B collaboration platform. This network facilitates seamless operations and collaboration across various industries such as consumer products, high tech, and life sciences​ (SAP News Center)​.

5. Partnership with AWS

SAP expanded its strategic collaboration with AWS to enhance generative AI capabilities and modernize cloud ERP experiences. Key highlights include:

  • Integration of generative AI models from Amazon Bedrock into SAP’s generative AI hub, enabling advanced AI-driven insights.

  • Use of AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips to accelerate the training and deployment of SAP Business AI models, significantly reducing development time.

  • Adoption of RISE with SAP by Amazon's Project Kuiper, demonstrating AWS’s commitment to leveraging SAP solutions for innovative projects​ (SAP News Center)​​ (Press Center)​.

6. Partnership with NVIDIA

SAP and NVIDIA announced a collaboration to integrate generative AI into SAP’s cloud solutions. This partnership aims to:

  • Utilize NVIDIA’s generative AI foundry services for fine-tuning large language models (LLMs) tailored for SAP applications.

  • Implement NVIDIA AI Enterprise software to power production-grade AI across SAP’s cloud offerings.

  • Develop innovative use cases leveraging SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP Signavio to automate and optimize business processes​ (SAP News Center)​​ (SAP News Center)​.


SAP Sapphire 2024 in Orlando showcased numerous innovations designed to help businesses navigate today’s technological challenges. From the sustainability-focused Green Ledger to advanced AI integrations with AWS and NVIDIA, SAP is poised to lead the way in digital transformation and sustainable growth.

For further details and to watch the keynote sessions on demand, visit the SAP Sapphire Event Page and the SAP News Center​ (SAP News Center)​​ (SAP News Center)​​ (SAP News Center)​.

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